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Policies on Unaccompanied Minors in Ireland

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This report examines policies and provisions for unaccompanied minors in Ireland. The report provides an overview of the complex system of provision in the area and highlights presenting issues and gaps as well as instances of best practice.

A potential conflict was identified between the unaccompanied minor as a protection applicant or person of otherwise undefined legal (immigration) status, versus a minor who should invoke the "best interests of the child" principle.

The report highlighted important findings including the regional nature of service provision and lack of information; lack of suitable accommodation for some minors; insufficient social work supports; lack of clear immigration status for unaccompanied minors; and the lack of follow up on aged out minors.

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Author: Corona Joyce and Emma Quinn
Publisher: Economic and Social Research Institute
Date of Publication: 02 September 2009
Reference Period: 01 January 2000 to 31 December 2008
Geographical focus: Ireland
ISBN: 9780707002873

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