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Business Migration to Ireland

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This study aims to map the measures and policies that are in place to facilitate and encourage business migration from non-EEA countries to Ireland, and to examine to what extent the immigration system is ‘business friendly’. Both short-term business travel and longer-term business-related immigration are examined.

The report focuses on: immigrant investors, immigrant entrepreneurs, intra-company transferees, graduate trainees and any other relevant schemes which facilitate business travel. The study is concerned with business rather than labour migration, meaning that while certain categories of non-EEA nationals who require an employment permit are discussed, they are not the focus of the study.

The report is based on the Irish contribution to an EU-wide, European Migration Network study on Admitting third-country nationals for business purposes. A similar study has been undertaken by each European Migration Network (EMN) National Contact Point (NCP) and a synthesis report has been produced.

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Author: Egle Gusciute, Emma Quinn and Alan Barrett
Publisher: Economic and Social Research Institute
Date of Publication: 22 July 2015
Geographical focus: Ireland
ISBN: 978 0 7070 0386 3

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