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Transition: from Direct Provision to life in the community: The experiences of those who have been granted refugee status, subsidiary protection or leave to remain in Ireland


This participative study was carried out in partnership with the Irish Refugee Council between March and November 2015. It aims to develop a deeper understanding of the experiences of those who have been granted refugee status, or other forms of protection, as they transition from Direct Provision accommodation to life in thecommunity. The project looks at people’s hopes, fears, challenges and opportunities and how the existing structures support or hinder the transition process. We will consider how life in DP and a protracted decision-making process contributes to the immediate challenges of integration and a longer-term legacy of adjustment to everyday life in the community.

Author: Muireann NĂ­ Raghallaigh; Maeve Foreman; Maggie Feeley
Publisher: University College Dublin
Date of Publication: 01 January 2016
Geographical focus: Ireland
URL/Identifier: https://www.ucd.ie/t4cms/TransitionReport2016(1).pdf

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