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Report of DCYA consultations with children and young people living in Direct Provision

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) report Consultations with Children and Young People living in Direct Provision captures the views of children on their lived experiences in Direct Provision. The report was compiled by researchers at the University College Cork School of Law Child Law Clinic. The consultation is one of a series of reports that the Child Law Clinic has undertaken for the DCYA as part of their strategy to document their work, listening to the views of young people and promoting their participation in decision-making about them, under the National Strategy on the Participation of Children and Young People in Decision-making.

Figures from September 2015 show 4,467 residents in the Direct Provision system in Ireland. Over 1,000 residents are children under 12 years, with a further 166 aged between 13 and 17 years. The researchers used qualitative mixed methods to gather the view s of the young people. The consultations, with 110 participants from 11 Direct Provision Centres, were designed to allow children and young people to suggest changes they would like to see, as well as giving them the opportunity to give their views on what they like, and do not like, about their lives in Direct Provision. The launch of the report on 14 July 2017 was covered extensively in the Irish media. 

Author: UCC Child Law Clinic
Publisher: Department of Children and Youth Affairs
Date of Publication: 14 July 2017
URL/Identifier: http://www.ucc.ie/en/lawsite/news/child-law-clinic-compile-invaluable-report-on-children-and-young-people-living-in-direct-provision-1.html

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