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Temporary and Circular Migration: What are the current policy, practice and future options for EU Member States?: EMN Inform

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The EMN's Temporary and Circular Migration Study analysed the characteristics of temporary (broadly understood to refer to a single movement and then limited stay in the EU) and circular (considered in the context of a back-and-forth movement between the EU and a country of origin) migration policy and practice across 24 EU Member States. The interest in temporary and circular migration within the EU is primarily due to its perceived potential as a “triple win” policy tool for managed migration, so-called because it may benefit the host society, as well as the migrant and the migrant’s country of origin. Such forms of migration may provide a short-term workforce in the host country to fill labour and skills shortages and to meet the emerging needs of national labour markets more generally; support development in third countries; and reduce the phenomenon of “brain drain.”

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Author: European Migration Network
Publisher: Directorate General Home Affairs, European Commission
Date of Publication: 31 December 2011
Geographical focus: Europe

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