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Title: Polish Immigrants and the Challenges of Political Incorporation in the Republic of Ireland
Author: Neil O'Boyle, Bryan Fanning and Viola Di Bucchianico
Date: 13 November 2015
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Online
Title: Determining labour shortages and the need for labour migration from third countries in the EU: EMN Synthesis
Author: European Migration Network
Date: 10 November 2015
Publisher: Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission
Title: Graduate Emigration from Ireland: Navigating New Pathways in Familiar Places
Author: Elaine Moriarty, James Wickham, Sally Daly and Alicja Bobek
Date: 02 November 2015
Publisher: SAGE Journals
Title: Just One of the ‘PIIGS’ or a European Outlier? Studying Irish Emigration from a Comparative Perspective
Author: Irial Glynn
Date: 02 November 2015
Publisher: SAGE Journals
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