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Title: Difficult to Believe: The assessment of asylum claims in Ireland
Author: Sue Conlan, Sharon Waters and Kajsa Berg (Irish Refugee Council)
Date: 23 October 2012
Publisher: Irish Refugee Council
Title: The Practices In Ireland Concerning the Granting of Non-EU Harmonised Protection Statuses
Author: John Stanley (Independent Consultant), Corona Joyce and Emma Quinn (ESRI)
Date: 19 November 2010
Publisher: Economic and Social Research Institute
Title: Policies on Reception, Return and Integration arrangements for and numbers of Unaccompanied Minors - an EU comparative study: EMN Synthesis Report
Author: European Migration Network
Date: 01 May 2010
Publisher: Directorate General Justice, Freedom and Security, European Commission
Title: Am Only Saying It Now: Experiences of Women Seeking Asylum in Ireland
Author: Salome Mbugua
Date: 01 March 2010
Publisher: AkiDwa
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