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Title: Analysing the Experiences of Discrimination in Ireland: Evidence from the QNHS Equality Module 2010
Author: Frances McGinnity, Dorothy Watson and Gill Kingston (ESRI)
Date: 14 December 2012
Publisher: The Equality Authority and the Economic and Social Research Institute
Title: Stop the Silence: A Snapshot of Racism in Cork
Author: Nasc, The Irish Immigrant Support Centre
Date: 27 November 2012
Publisher: Nasc, The Irish Immigrant Support Centre
Title: Part of the Family? Experiences of Au Pairs in Ireland
Author: Migrant Rights Centre Ireland
Date: 31 October 2012
Publisher: Migrant Rights Centre Ireland
Title: Not Fair Enough: Making the case for reform of the social welfare appeals system
Author: Free Legal Advice Centres
Date: 24 October 2012
Publisher: Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC)
Title: Taking Racism Seriously: Migrants’ Experiences of Violence, Harassment and Anti-social Behaviour in the Dublin Area
Author: Bryan Fanning (UCD) Brian Killoran (ICI) Saorlaith Ní Bhroin (ICI) Geoff McEvoy (ICI)
Date: 03 October 2012
Publisher: Immigrant Council of Ireland
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