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Title: The Organisation of Asylum and Migration Policies in Ireland: 2009
Author: Emma Quinn
Date: 27 February 2009
Publisher: Economic and Social Research Institute
Title: Handbook on Immigration and Asylum in Ireland (2007)
Author: Corona Joyce, Philip J. O'Connell, Emma Quinn, (ESRI) and John Stanley (Independent Consultant)
Date: 28 November 2008
Publisher: Economic and Social Research Institute
Title: Managing the Immigration and Employment of Non-EU Nationals in Ireland
Author: Martin Ruhs
Date: 19 May 2005
Publisher: TCD Policy Institute
Title: Immigration Policy and the Skills of Irish Immigrants: Evidence and Implications
Author: Chris Minns
Date: 01 January 2005
Publisher: Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland
Title: Free Movement between Ireland and the UK: from the “common travel area” to The Common Travel Area
Author: Elizabeth Meehan
Date: 01 January 2000
Publisher: TCD Policy Institute
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