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Title: Immigration, Integration and the Risks of Social Exclusion: The Social Policy Case for Disaggregated Data in the Republic of Ireland
Author: Neil O'Boyle and Brian Fanning
Date: 23 July 2009
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Online
Title: Immigrants and Welfare Programmes: Exploring the Interactions between Immigrant Characteristics, Immigrant Welfare Dependence and Welfare Policy
Author: Alan Barrett and Yvonne McCarthy
Date: 01 September 2008
Publisher: Oxford Journals
Title: Supporting Asylum Seekers: Practice and Ethical Issues for Health and Welfare Professionals
Author: Beth Humphries
Date: 01 January 2006
Publisher: Social Care Ireland
Title: Refugees and Social Policy
Author: Joe Moran
Date: 19 April 2005
Publisher: UCD Press
Title: Child Poverty as Public Policy: Direct Provision and Asylum Seeker Children in the Republic of Ireland
Author: Bryan Fanning and Angela Veale
Date: 01 January 2004
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Online
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