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7 June 2018

TrendsIP_thumbnailLaunch: EMN Ireland publication on Ireland's Response to Recent Trends in International Protection Applications

Presentation of the main findings of the study, followed by a response from the Reception & Integration Agency and UNHCR Ireland. Read more

26 February 2018

OECD_thumbnailSeminar: Managing labour migration for lower skilled jobs: Challenges, pitfalls and solutions

Jonathan Chaloff, OECD presented on Managing labour migration for lower skilled jobs. Read more


27 November 2017

FamilyReunification_thumbnailConference: Migrant family reunification policy and practice

This conference provided an opportunity to exchange information on family reunification schemes in Ireland and abroad. Read more


15 December 2016

Resettlement_2016_ThumbnailConference: Responding to the refugee crisis

This conference brought together a range of speakers who addressed current responses to the ongoing refugee crisis, providing an opportunity to highlight good practices, as well as to exchange information on challenges. Read more

5 May 2016

2016 StatelessnessSeminar on Statelessness Determination Procedures: Policy Options, Practical Experiences and Challenges

This EMN Ireland/UNHCR Ireland event presented information on the experience of stateless people in Ireland, along with two case study examples of dedicated determination procedures adopted by the UK and France. Read more


27 November 2015

Labour ShortageConference: Making labour migration work: Identifying skills shortages and attracting migrant workers as part of the solution
Joint conference hosted by EMN Ireland, within the Economic and Social Research Institute, and the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. Read more


27 November 2014

2014 UAM EMN UNHCRConference: Protection of Unaccompanied Minors and Separated Children in Ireland and Europe.

EMN Ireland, together with the UNHCR Ireland, held a half-day conference on Protection of Unaccompanied Minors and Separated Children in Ireland and Europe. Read more


29 November 2013

2013_TraffickingConferenceConference: Challenges and Responses to Identifying Victims of Trafficking

This Conference provided an overview of developments regarding identification of victims of trafficking at National, European and International level, particularly within the international protection and forced return procedures. This conference also discussed Member States responses to challenges surrounding identification. Read more

14 June 2013

2013_MigrationEconomicCrisisConference: Migration During and After the Economic Crisis

The Conference explored and discussed how the economic crisis has affected immigrants, migratory flows and migration policies in Ireland, Europe and the wider international context. It also considered how future developments may be shaped by such changes. Read more


17 December 2012

2012_ChallengestoProtectionConference: Challenges in Protection

This conference included expert European and Irish perspectives on the Common European Asylum System, protection, human trafficking and reception systems. Read more


8 December 2011

2011_DocumentingIrregularMigrationConference: Documenting Irregular Migration

This conference included expert international perspectives on the rights of irregular migrants as well as Irish and British perspectives on irregular migration within the Common Travel Area (CTA) between Ireland and the UK. Read more

30 June 2011

Seminar: 'The size of the irregular migrant population - methodological insights from the CLANDESTINO project'

This seminar explored methodological issues related to estimating the size of the irregular migrant population. The speaker, Dita Vogel, drew on experiences gained from the CLANDESTINO project, a project designed to provide an inventory of data and estimates on undocumented migration in selected EU countries, to analyse these data comparatively, to discuss arising ethical and methodological issues and to propose a new method for evaluating and classifying data/estimates on undocumented migration in the EU. Read more


19 November 2010

2010_LabourMarketCrisisMigrationConference: Labour Market, the Crisis and Migration

This conference focused on the labour market and migration in both the Irish and European context. Selected national and comparative EU findings of the European Migration Network ‘Satisfying Labour Demand Through Migration’ report were presented. Read more

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