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European Migration Network National Contact Points (EMN NCP) hold national conferences and events in their Member State.

22-24 August 2018



EMN Educational Seminar on Migration: Causes and Consequences of Forced Migration

Organiser: EMN NCP Slovakia - International Organization for Migration (IOM) – Office in Slovakia 

The European Migration Network's (EMN) Educational Seminar on Migration focuses on migration myths and data based migration policy-making, migration governance and future scenarios of international migration, current migration development from the countries of origin perspective, vulnerabilities and human rights of migrants, environmentally induced migration as well as on labour migration and the risks of modern slavery. The programme will include also a public event where screening of the brand new documentary film about impacts of climate change will be followed by discussion with experts on related migration aspects. More information


Conference: Save the date - Maximizing the positive impact of a regular, orderly and safe migration

Organiser: EMN NCP Spain - Ministry of Labour and Immigration

The event will bring together representatives of EU Member States, European Commission, International organizations, national experts and academia. It will provide an opportunity for in-depth discussion on the topic, to present the latest best practices and lessons learned, and to review the new trends. 


Conference: Save the date - Attracting and retaining third-country national students and researchers

Organiser: EMN NCP Luxembourg - University of Luxembourg

This conference will bring together researchers and policy-makers to reflect on the different strategies that are implemented in the EU and its Member States to enhance the attractiveness of Europe’s higher education system. More information



Conference: EMN Annual Conference: Managing Migration - From Reacting to Shaping

Organiser: EMN NCP Austria - IOM Austria

In light of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union the conference will seek to discuss global migration trends, the role of the EU as well as the external dimension of EU migration policy. More information



Conference: Save the date - The Integration and Social Inclusion of Unaccompanied Minors

Organiser: EMN NCP Finland - Finnish Immigration Service

The agenda will include a presentation of the EMN Study on on Approaches to Unaccompanied Minors Following Status Determination in the EU plus Norway as well as talks by Finnish and international experts. More information



Conference: Save the date - Diaspora engagement in the development of the country of origin

Organiser: EMN NCP Croatia - IOM Country Office in Zagreb

The conference aims to cover a range of lessons learned from various EU, non-EU countries and international actions, including return of highly skilled nationals, education and youth exchange programmes, as well as philanthropic and entrepreneurial initiatives. It will offer an opportunity for the discussion on diaspora communities providing an added value to their countries of origin through the development of human, social and economic capital. More information 



Conference: Save the date - Return and reintegration of third country nationals: How to make it sustainable?

Organiser: EMN NCP Estonia - School of Governance, Law and Society, Tallinn University

More information  



Conference: Save the date - Attraction Policies for International Students in France and in the EU

Organiser: EMN NCP France - Ministry of Interior

More information



Conference: Save the date - Changing Realities of Migration and Asylum 

Organiser: EMN NCP Sweden - Swedish Migration Board

The conference aims to identify recent trends and changing patters of migration and asylum in the EU from a comparative perspective.  It asks what has changed since 2015, and how new migratory trends relate to the various legal and policy changes in Member States and at EU level. More information

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