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New figures show the number of asylum-seekers in the industrialised world continued to fall in 2010

Date Published: 29-03-2011

The UNHCR 2010 statistical overview of asylum applications shows a total of 358,800 asylum applications were lodged in the 44 industrialised countries covered by the report last year – down 5 per cent from 2009, and some 42 per cent lower than the decade's peak in 2001, when almost 620,000 asylum applications were made.

Key findings
  • The United States remained the largest asylum recipient (estimated 55,500 claims) accounting for one out of every six asylum applications in the industrialised countries covered in the report.
  • France had the second-largest number of new applications, with 47,800 in 2010, largely from Serbian, Russian and Congolese asylum-seekers.
  • Germany became the third-largest recipient country with a 49-percent rise. The increases can partly be attributed to a rise in asylum seekers from Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
  • The largest group of asylum-seekers in 2010 were from Serbia (28,900, including Kosovo). Afghanistan slid to second place with a decrease of 9 per cent compared to the previous year (24,800 claims). Chinese asylum-seekers made up the third-largest asylum group in 2010 (21,600 claims).
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View UNHCR statistical overview: Asylum Levels and Trends in Industrialized Countries 2010

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