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New Annual Monitoring Report on Integration looks at how immigrants are integrating into Irish society

Date Published: 04-05-2011

The Annual Monitoring Report on Integration 2010, published by the Integration Centre and the ESRI, brings together a range of indicators to develop a profile of how immigrants are integrating into various aspects of Irish society: employment, education, social inclusion and active citizenship.

The indicators show that:

  • Overall, non-Irish nationals have been harder hit by the current recession than Irish nationals – with more job losses and a higher unemployment rate
  • Immigrants are more likely to report working in jobs below their skill level. They are also less likely to be in a permanent position and to receive lower gross earnings than Irish nationals
  • While English-speaking immigrant students score as highly as Irish children, non-English-speaking students have much lower achievement scores in Maths and Reading (based on PISA data from 2009 for 15 year olds)
  • Overall, non-Irish nationals have somewhat lower average household incomes than Irish nationals
  • Rates of home ownership (33 per cent) are very much lower among non-Irish nationals than among Irish nationals (80 per cent)
  • The ratio of non-EEA immigrants who acquired citizenship to all non-EEA immigrants at year end 2009 was 13 per cent. The ratio of immigrants who acquired long-term residence to all non-EEA immigrants was 5 per cent
For more information:

View Annual Monitoring Report on Integration 2010

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