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Presentation from seminar on the size of irregular migrant population

Date Published: 30-06-2011

Seminar on 'The size of the irregular migrant population - methodological insights from the CLANDESTINO project'

30 June 2011, 4pm, ESRI, Dublin

Speaker: Dita Vogel, associate at Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) and member of Network Migration in Europe

This seminar explored methodological issues related to estimating the size of the irregular migrant population. The speaker drew on experiences gained from the CLANDESTINO project, a project designed to provide an inventory of data and estimates on undocumented migration in selected EU countries, to analyse these data comparatively, to discuss arising ethical and methodological issues and to propose a new method for evaluating and classifying data/estimates on undocumented migration in the EU.

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