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Latest CSO figures show further decline in non-Irish employment and rising unemployment

Date Published: 17-06-2011

Recently published CSO analysis of records of the Revenue Commissioners, the Department of Social Protection, and the CSO, shows that of the 118,000 foreign nationals aged 15 and over who were assigned personal public service numbers (PPSNs) in 2004, only 33% had employment activity at any time during 2009.

The analysis shows that:

  • Employment activity has dropped below 50% for all nationality groups.
  • In 2009, just one third of those arriving had employment during the year. The employment rate in year of arrival has declined steadily in the reference period 2004-2009.
  • Of the 1,031,400 foreign nationals aged 15 and allocated PPSNs during the period 2002–2009, 349,800 (34%) recorded some employment in Ireland during 2009.
  • The drop-off in employment has not resulted in a corresponding increase in social welfare claims.
  • New PPSN allocations to nationals of EU10 countries have dropped to 26,500, just 19% of the 2006 peak of 139,000.
For more information:

See CSO publication release


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