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Latest CSO release on equality shows 12% of people said that they felt discriminated against in last two years (Q4 2010)

Date Published: 15-07-2011

In the Q4 2010 survey the highest rates of discrimination were reported by:

  •     people from non-White ethnic backgrounds (29%)
  •     unemployed people (22%)
  •     non-Irish nationals (20%)
  •     people who were not Catholic (18%)

Of those surveyed 6% reported work-related discrimination. The highest rates of work-related discrimination were among:

  •     respondents with non-White ethnic backgrounds (17%)
  •     unemployed (16%)
  •     non-Irish nationals (12%)

The most common grounds identified by people who had experienced discrimination were:

  •     race (22%)
  •     age (19%)
For more information:

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