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EU27 Population estimated at 502.5 m on 1 January 2011

Date Published: 29-07-2011

According to the latest Eurostat release, more than 5 million children were born in the EU27 in 2010. Ireland experienced the highest natural population growth rate, the difference between live births and deaths per 1000 inhabitants (+10.3%) last year.

  • In 2010, Ireland recorded the highest birth rate (16.5%) and lowest death rates (6.2%) of all EU27 countries.
  • Over 60% of the increase in the EU27 population resulted from migration in 2010.
  • The highest population growth rate including net migration was recorded in Luxembourg, Sweden, Malta, Belgium and the United Kingdom. 
  • Ireland experienced the second-highest emigration rate in the EU27, measured at a decrease of 7.5 persons per 1,000 inhabitants.
  • Lithuania registered the highest net outflow at -23.7%.
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