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New Quarterly National Household Survey released by CSO

Date Published: 16-09-2011

Latest Quarterly National Household Survey figures show that there were 221,400 non-Irish nationals in employment in quarter 2 2011, representing a decrease of 8,200 or 3.6% over the year.

The figures show:

  • A decrease of 29,500 (-1.8%) was recorded in employment for Irish-nationals.
  • Overall non-Irish national unemployment in quarter 2 2011 remained unchanged from a year earlier (46,800). 
  • Some 257,700 Irish nationals were unemployed in the quarter, an increase of 10,900 or 4.4% over the year.
  • While the estimated number of non-Irish nationals who were unemployed remained unchanged, the unemployment rate increased to 17.4%, up from 16.9% in quarter 2 2010. This increase in the rate occurred as a result of a reduction in the non-Irish national labour force over the year (8,300).
  • In comparison, the unemployment rate among Irish nationals was 13.9% in quarter 2 2011, up from 13.2% a year earlier, with the number of Irish nationals participating in the labour force falling by 18,500.
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