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Immigrant Investor Programme and Start-up Entrepreneur Scheme announced by Department of Justice and Equality

Date Published: 16-04-2012

Minister for Justice and Equality, Alan Shatter formally announced two new immigration programmes in March 2012.  Applications for the Immigrant Investor Programme and the Start-up Entrepreneur Programme commenced on 16 April 2012.

The Immigrant Investor Programme

The Immigrant Investor Programme allows non-EEA citizens and their immediate family to enter the State on a multi-entry visa for an initial period of 5 years, reviewable after two years.

The following investments will be considered under this programme:-

  • A once-off endowment of a minimum of €500,000 to a public project
  • A minimum €1,000,000 venture capital funding into new or existing Irish businesses for a minimum of three years
  • A minimum €2,000,000 investment in a special interest 5 year immigrant investor bond
  • A minimum €1,000,000 mixed investment consisting of 50% in property and 50%in immigrant investor bonds. Special consideration could be given to those purchasing property, in the State, which have been enforced by NAMA. In such cases a single €1m investment in property might be sufficient. 

The Start-up Entrepreneur Programme

Under the Start-up Entrepreneur Programme, residency will be granted to migrants with a "high potential start-up" initiatives and funding of €75,000 for the purpose of developing their business. No job creation targets will be set initially as it is recognised that start-up businesses take some time to get up and running.   In addition, persons must not be a ‘drain’ on public funds.

All applications for both the Investor Programme and the Start-up Programme will be subject to an evaluation process.  Applications forms and guidelines will be available from 30 March 2012.

For further information:-

Guidelines and Application Form for both programmes are available on www.inis.ie

See Department of Justice and Equality Press Release

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