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850 non-EU parents of Irish-citizen children granted residency in accordance with the Zambrano judgment

Date Published: 27-01-2012

In response to a Parliamentary Question (18 January 2012), the Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence stated that approximately 1,700 cases had been identified where third country national parents who had no separate right of residency in the State could apply for residency under the March 2011 Zambrano judgment by the Court of Justice of the European Union.

A decision has been made on approximately 1,000 cases with more than 850 cases granted residency

A further 700 cases are still under consideration. In approximately half of these cases, further documentation or clarification has been requested by the Department for Justice and Equality

Another six parents of Irish citizen children who had left Ireland on foot of a Deportation Order have been granted a visa to re-enter the State.

The Minister stated that the Department of Justice and Equality did not have the necessary records to determine how many more people would be entitled to return to Ireland under this judgment.

For more information:

See Parliamentary Question of 18 January 2012

See European Court of Justice judgment in the case of Zambrano v Office national de l’emploi

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