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European Commission Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum and Eurobarometer survey

Date Published: 12-06-2012

On 30 May, the European Commission published its 2011 report on developments in EU immigration and asylum as well as a Eurobarometer survey on attitudes towards cross-border mobility, migration and security.

The 2011 Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum and accompanying Commission Staff Working Document highlight developments at both EU and national levels.

Key findings:

  • 20.2 million (4% of EU population) third-country nationals resided in the EU during 2011
  • 343,000 persons were refused entry to the EU in 2011 (a decrease of 13% from 2010); 468,500 persons were apprehended (a decrease from 2010 when it was about 505,000) and Member States returned around 190,000 third-country nationals (15% less than in 2010)
  • There was over 302,000 asylum applications in the EU during 2011 (an increase of 16.2% compared to 2010)
  • 12.7 million Schengen visas were issued in 2011, the majority in the Russian Federation (40.7%), followed by the Ukraine (8.7%), China (8.1%) and Turkey (4.7%)

The Eurobarometer survey found that 8 out of 10 Europeans agree that Member States should offer protection and asylum to those in need and that rules for admitting asylum seekers should be the same across the EU. 67% of Europeans felt that it is important to be able to travel within the EU without internal border controls.

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