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Analysis of Census 2011 shows 40,000 (10%) of Irish men aged 20-29 years emigrated

Date Published: 27-06-2012

A preliminary analysis by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) of Census 2011 shows that in the five year period between 2006 and 2011, almost 40,000 (10%) of Irish men aged 20-29 years emigrated, whereas only 5% of women of the same age left the country.

This differs significantly from Census 2006 where gender differences in migration patterns were smaller.  The increased gender difference is likely to be attributed to larger job losses in the construction industry since the onset of the economic recession.

Net inward migration was highest during this period (2006-2011) between people in their late twenties and late thirties, and high among children too which suggests that despite the recession, families are less likely to emigrate or possibly families relocated to Ireland to join family members already working here.

For more information:

See ESRI Research Note 2012/2/3: The Impact of Recession on Migration: A Preliminary Analysis of Census 2011, Pete Lunn 

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