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New ESRI/Equality Authority report: Analysing the Experience of Discrimination in Ireland

Date Published: 14-12-2012

Members of the Black ethnic group report the highest rates of discrimination: The most common occasion for discrimination was while seeking work

In 2010, 12% of adults in Ireland said that they were discriminated against in the preceding two years.  The highest overall rates of reported discrimination were in recruitment (6%) and the workplace (5%). In services, the rate of reported discrimination was highest in relation to accessing housing (3%) and using financial services such as banks and insurance services (2.5%).

Members of the Black Ethnic Group Report the Highest Rates of Discrimination:

  • People of Black ethnicity are almost four times more likely to report experience of discrimination than White Irish people and over five times more likely than White Irish to report serious discrimination, even after controlling for a range of other factors.
  • People of Black ethnicity are also much more likely to report discrimination that has a serious impact on their lives, both work-related discrimination and in service domains.
  • Asians and Other ethnic groups report higher discrimination in some work and service domains, though to a lesser extent than the Black group.
  • Those of non-Irish nationality are more likely to experience discrimination in the work place. They are also more likely to experience discrimination in seeking work, though this is accounted for by ethnicity and other factors.
  • Non-Irish nationals are more likely to experience discrimination in shops, pubs and restaurants. They are somewhat more likely to experience discrimination in transport and other services, though once again, when we account for ethnicity this difference is not maintained.
  • They report higher rates of discrimination both in work and in many service settings.

The results are based on new analysis of the CSO's Quarterly National Household Survey: Equality Module 2010, which asked adults in Ireland about their experience of discrimination in a range of different situations.

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