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New data show that unemployment has fallen among Irish and non-Irish nationals

Date Published: 01-03-2013

Latest Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS) figures show that unemployment has fallen, both for nationals (-6.9%) and non-Irish nationals (-3.6%) in the year to Quarter 4 2012. The number of Irish nationals in employment has increased by 0.1% while the number of non-Irish nationals in employment has decreased by 0.2%.

The figures show:

  • Overall, there was an annual decrease in unemployment of 6.1% (-19,200) in the year to Quarter 4 2012;
  • Overall employment increased marginally by 0.06% in the same period;
  • The total number of non-Irish nationals in employment in Q4 2012 was 269,200. This represents a slight decrease (500) on the same period in 2011;
  • The total number of unemployed non-Irish nationals decreased by 2,000 to 53,400 over the year;
  • An increase of 1,700 was recorded in employment for Irish-nationals in this period;
  • The number of unemployed Irish nationals decreased by 17,300 over the year.

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