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European Commission present view on how migration and mobility can contribute to inclusive and economic social development

Date Published: 24-05-2013

The European Commission Communication on “Maximising the Development Impact of Migration” COM(2013 292) will provide the basis for a common position of the EU and its Member States at the UN High-level Dialogue (HLD) on International Migration and Development on 3-4 October 2013.

The UN General Assembly will hold the second High Level Dialogue in New York, following the first HLD of 2006. The European Commission has stated that it will provide an opportunity for policymakers to work towards a “global agenda for effective, inclusive and rights-based migration governance and identify measures to promote the role of migrants as agents of innovation and development”.

The European Commission Communication highlights the view that migration is both ‘an opportunity and a challenge for development’. Key messages of the Communication to the HLD include:

  • The need for a broader view of migration and development
  • To recognise migration and mobility as ‘enabling factors’ for development
  • That the protection of the human rights of migrants should be seen as a cross-cutting policy priority
  • That all states should engage in international dialogue and cooperation with relevant partners to identify shared priorities

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