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Quarterly National Household Survey release shows increase in number of non-Irish nationals in employment

Date Published: 03-09-2013

The latest Quarterly National Household Survey figures show that there were 276,100 non-Irish nationals in employment in the second quarter 2013, representing an increase of 6,100 (2.3%) over the year. 

Key figures show:

  • Overall, an increase of 1.8 per cent or 33,800 was recorded in employment in the year to the second quarter 2013.  Unemployment decreased by 6.9 per cent or 22,200 for the same period reducing the total number of persons unemployed to 300,700.
  • Employment among non-Irish nationals increased from 270,000 to 27,6100 (2.3%) over the year.
  • Non-Irish national unemployment in quarter 2 2013 decreased from a year earlier to 55,400 from 57,900 while some 245,300 Irish nationals were unemployed in the quarter, a decrease of 19,800 over the year.

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