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The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) publishes fourth report on Ireland

Date Published: 19-02-2013

The ECRI[1] welcome positive developments in Ireland but note that some issues continue to give rise to concern.

The report makes a number of recommendations to Irish authorities, among which the following three require priority implementation and will be revisited by ECRI in two years’ time:

  • Draft and adopt as soon as possible the Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill so as to put in place a single protection determination procedure for persons in need of a protection status, to introduce a long-term residence status as well as procedures for the registration of non-Irish national minors aged under 16
  • Rationalise the various procedures for dealing with complaints concerning employment and ensure that there is a non-judicial independent authority competent to deal with cases of discrimination in the provision of goods and services
  • Ensure foreseeability in the application of the habitual residence requirement by setting out clear rules and publishing, in addition to the Guidelines, the decisions of the authorities on appeals against negative decisions.

In a recent parliamentary question, the Minister for Justice and Equality outlined his intention to publish a new Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill later in 2013.  

For more information:

See ECRI press release

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Read Parliamentary Question on Proposed Legislation, 6 February 2013

[1] The ECRI is an independent human rights monitoring body specialised in questions relating to racism and intolerance

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