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Immigration in Ireland in 2014

Date Published: 27-01-2015

The Department of Justice and Equality published provisional figures on immigration-related processing activity in Ireland during 2014.

Key figures for 2014*

Registration of permission to remain in the State

  • The number of non-EEA nationals with permission to remain in the State (for longer than 90 days) was provisionally 95,000 in 2014 (compared to 107,000 in 2013).
  • Top 6 registered nationalities were from:
    • Brazil (12%)
    • India (11%)
    • China (9%)
    • USA (7%)
    • Nigeria (6%)
    • Philippines (5%)

 Visa applications

  • In 2014, approximately 101,500 entry visa applications were received, an increase of 6% on 2013 figures. The approval rate for applications received in 2014 was 91%.
  • Top 5 nationalities of visa applicants were:
    • India (17%)
    • Russia (14%)
    • China (11%)
    • Nigeria (6%)
    • Saudi Arabia (5%)

 International Students

  • From January to November 2014, approximately 49,500 persons (compared with 45,800 for same period in 2013) were given permission to be in Ireland as students.

 International Protection and Asylum

  • Provisional figures show that 1,444 new applications for asylum were received in 2014 compared to 946 in 2013, an increase of 53%.
  • 4,280 persons seeking international protection were accommodated in direct provision centres in Ireland in 2014 compared to 4,390 in 2013.


  • Approximately 2,360 people were deported/removed from the State in 2014 including:
    • 2,147 persons refused entry into the State at ports of entry and returned to the place from where they had come.
    • 111 unsuccessful asylum applicants and irregular migrants who were deported.
    • 17 asylum seekers transferred under the Dublin Regulation to the EU Member State in which they first applied for asylum.
    • 87 EU nationals returned to their countries of origin on foot of an EU Removal Order.
    • 237 people returned voluntarily of which 189 were assisted by the International Organization for Migration.

 Immigration data sharing with the UK

  • The details of over 100,000 Irish visa applicants were cross-checked against UK records in 2014.

Automated border gates

  • In 2014, over 260,000 passengers used the e-gates at Dublin airport

Department of Justice and Equality stated priorities for 2015:

  • Civilisation of the border control at Dublin Airport with the 42 civilian immigration officers commencing border control duties in January 2015  
  • Extending the use of e-gates at Dublin Airport
  • Introduction of an on-line appointment system for re-entry visa applications as well as streamlining of registration and visa re-entry processes
  • Rollout of the British Irish Visa Scheme including introduction of visa biometrics
  • Reform of International Education
  • Following enactment of the Protection Bill, introduction of a new single protection system
  • Implementation of the recommendations of the Working Group on the protection process including the Direct Provision System following Government approval.

For further information:

See Department of Justice and Equality Press Release

* Figures are provisional

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