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Malta (MT)

The Maltese EMN NCP is located within the Ministry for Home and Parliamentary Affairs (Third-Country Nationals Unit). The MT EMN NCP’s role is to establish a national migration network consisting of a wide range of national stakeholders active in the field of migration and asylum and to create awareness-raising among them. The national partners regularly contribute to EMN outputs.

web: http://homeaffairs.gov.mt/en/MHAS-Information/EMN/Pages/European-Migration-Network.aspx

e-mail: emn.ncp@gov.mt

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EMN Leaflet thumbnailDownload the EMN information leaflet for a general overview of the European Migration Network.

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Search for research-based publications of relevance to migration and asylum in Ireland.

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View Irish national research studies and policy reports relating to migration and asylum in Ireland.

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View summaries of relevant Irish and European case law or legislation.

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See latest statistics on migration, immigration, protection and return and employment and Census 2011.

Asylum and Migration Glossary

Asylum and Migration Glossary 3.0Search the EMN Asylum and Migration Glossary for comparable terms and definitions relating to asylum and migration (includes terms in Irish)