EMN Ireland conference: Migrant family reunification policy and practice

08 Feb 2018

Photo gallery: Migrant family reunification policy and practice

Conference abstract

This conference provided an opportunity to exchange information on family reunification schemes in Ireland and abroad.

Family reunification promotes the integration of migrants already in the host country and can be an important route to safety for the family members of refugees. Family migration is diverse in character but often closely linked to labour migration.

Speakers from: OECD; UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency; and the International Organization for Migration provided the international context. Drawing on the findings of a recently published European Migration Network study, the family reunification policy frameworks in place elsewhere in the EU was discussed and compared.  Insights on the family reunification system operational in Ireland was provided by responsible authorities and I/NGOs working in this area.

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See also recent EMN Ireland report on Family reunification of non-EU nationals in Ireland.


Session 1: International context

Session 2: Family reunification law and policy in the EU Member States

Session 3: Family reunification in Ireland