EMN Ireland is the Irish National Contact Point of the European Migration Network and is part of the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI).

Recent Publications


Access to autonomous housing for beneficiaries of international protection in Ireland

This research study explores barriers, challenges and good practices in accessing and providing access to autonomous housing for beneficiaries of international protection.


The application of the Temporary Protection Directive: challenges and good practices for Ireland

This research study explores the implementation of the Temporary Protection Directive in Ireland in 2023.

Annual Report on Migration and Asylum 2022: Ireland

This report highlights statistics, policy developments, research and case law in the area of migration in Ireland in 2022.


EMN Ireland Migration Memo Series

This series delves into migration and integration policy relevant research questions.


Resources & Events

EU Asylum and Migration Legislation: Ireland's participation

This resource sets out Ireland's participation in EU migration and asylum  legislation.



View overview chart of single application process under International Protection Act 2015. New summaries of relevant legislation added.

Ad Hoc Queries

Read comparative summaries of EMN ad hoc queries on asylum and migration matters of relevance to policy development in Member States.

EMN Glossary Term

Environmentally displaced person: A person subjected to forced migration as a result of sudden, drastic environmental changes.

As Gaeilge: duine easáitithe de dheasca dálaí comhshaoil


View the online EMN Glossary which includes over 500 migration-related terms in Member State (+Norway) languages.

For more information about the EMN Glossary, view the one-pager here