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EMN Ireland is the Irish National Contact Point of the European Migration Network and is part of the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI).

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Migratory pathways to Ireland for start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs

Ireland was one of the first in the EU to target migrant entrepreneurs, but the number of applicants is low.

National statuses granted for protection reasons in Ireland

Ireland has increased pathways to protection for vulnerable migrants in recent years, but disparities in supports remain

Annual Report on Migration and Asylum 2018: Ireland

An overview of trends, policy developments and significant debates in the area of migration and international protection during 2018 in Ireland.

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View presentations - Webinar 28 May
National statuses for migrants in need of protection: Ireland and the EU

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View the online EMN Glossary which includes over 460 migration-related terms in Member State (+Norway) languages.

View overview chart of single application process under International Protection Act 2015.

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Read comparative summaries of EMN ad hoc queries on asylum and migration matters of relevance to policy development in Member States.