31 Mar 2020

New migration and asylum measures introduced in response to COVID-19

Developments in March On 31 March, the Department for Justice and Equality announced that more than 650 new beds have been secured for Direct Provision accommodation as part of emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic. On 30 March, the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation published a booklet on COVID-19 Employment Permits Contingency Arrangements which outlines its plan to ensure … Read More

29 Jan 2020

Ireland was one of the first in the EU to target migrant entrepreneurs, but the number of applicants is low

New EMN Ireland research: Migratory pathways to Ireland for start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs

14 Jan 2020

Recent policy developments in the area of migration and asylum in Ireland

Developments in November and December 2019

09 Jan 2020

Ireland has increased pathways to protection for vulnerable migrants in recent years, but disparities in supports remain

New EMN Ireland report: National statuses granted for protection reasons in Ireland