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22 Jun 2020

New online registration renewal system for non-EEA students in Dublin announced

The Department of Justice and Equality announced on Monday 22nd June a new online registration renewal system for Dublin-based non-EEA students. Non-EEA, Dublin based students seeking to renew their immigration permission will now be able to complete the application form online, upload copies of supporting documents, pay the applicable fee and submit their passport and current Immigration Residence Permission (IRP) … Read More

19 Jun 2020

Eight young people from Greek refugee camp arrive in Dublin

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr Katherine Zappone, welcomed on Wednesday 17th June the arrival in Dublin of eight young people from a refugee camp in Greece. Separated from their families, the eight young people are coming to Ireland under the International Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP), managed by the Department of Justice and Equality. Upon arrival, the young people … Read More

19 Jun 2020

New migration and asylum measures introduced in response to COVID-19

Recent developments  Department of Justice and Equality FAQ Document On 17th June, the Immigration Service Delivery updated its FAQ document on the ‘Impact of COVID-19 on Immigration and International Protection’ explaining the most recent updates to asylum and migration services in Ireland. Immigration registration and permissions As part of the Department’s emergency response to COVID-19, Burgh Quay and all local registration offices … Read More

09 Jun 2020

Expert Group on Direct Provision identifies measures to improve conditions for asylum seekers

The Department of Justice and Equality released on Friday details about a Briefing Note on the progress of the Expert Group on Direct Provision, prepared by the chair Dr Catherine Day (former Secretary General of the European Commission). The recommended measures include an extension of the right to work, an exploration of alternative housing models and funding provisions, clearer guidance … Read More

18 May 2020

Upcoming webinar- National statuses for migrants in need of protection: Ireland and the EU

An EMN Ireland/ESRI webinar  Hosted by EMN Ireland, located within the ESRI, this webinar will present the findings of a new EU-wide, European Migration Network (EMN) study on national statuses for people in need of protection. The study finds that 20 Member States plus Norway have at least one national protection status in place, in addition to refugee and subsidiary … Read More

28 Apr 2020

EU issued nearly 300,000 positive decisions to asylum seekers in 2019 

Latest Eurostat figures show that EU Member States granted 295,800 positive decisions on protection applications in 2019, a decline of 6 per cent on 2018 figures. Of the nearly 300,000 positive decisions, 141,100 related to refugee status, 82,100 to subsidiary protection, and 72,700 to humanitarian protection. Syrians were the largest group of beneficiaries, accounting for 27% of the total number of protection statuses granted by EU Member States in 2019. Afghans were the next largest … Read More

23 Apr 2020

Ombudsman publishes annual commentary on direct provision for 2019

On 23rd April, the Ombudsman published his annual commentary on the direct provision system covering the calendar year of 2019. The Ombudsman noted that COVID-19, and in particular its highly contagious nature, highlights the unsuitability and unsustainability of placing three or more people in one room, as is the case in many direct provision accommodation centres. The Ombudsman also noted … Read More

16 Apr 2020

EU adopts guidance on asylum, return and resettlement provisions in context of COVID-19

On 16th April, the EU Commission adopted a guidance for Member States on the implementation of relevant EU provisions in the area of asylum, return procedures and on resettlement in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. Prepared in collaboration with the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) and the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), the guidance was compiled in … Read More

29 Jan 2020

Ireland was one of the first in the EU to target migrant entrepreneurs, but the number of applicants is low

New EMN Ireland research: Migratory pathways to Ireland for start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs

14 Jan 2020

Recent policy developments in the area of migration and asylum in Ireland

Developments in November and December 2019

09 Jan 2020

Ireland has increased pathways to protection for vulnerable migrants in recent years, but disparities in supports remain

New EMN Ireland report: National statuses granted for protection reasons in Ireland