Governing accommodation and housing in the context of international protection

13 Jun 2024

Housing is a key part of integration of applicants and beneficiaries of international protection. The importance of housing for integration was emphasised in Ireland in the ‘White Paper to End Direct Provision and to Establish a New International Protection Support Service’ and also in the ‘Comprehensive Accommodation Strategy for International Protection Applicants’.

This was a two-part conference, with the morning session focusing on access to autonomous housing for beneficiaries of international protection and the afternoon focusing on governing the accommodation of international protection applicants. These two areas have raised significant concerns in Ireland recently in light of increased international protection applications and structural challenges responding to their needs. Addressing these challenges can enable improved outcomes for both international protection applicants and beneficiaries, as well as for local communities.

This event convened key Irish stakeholders from different areas and working at different levels to facilitate discussions about current challenges and to provide insights on good practices in effective responses to the the accommodation of international protection applicants and supporting access to housing for international protection beneficiaries.

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