S.I. No.502 of 2016: Immigration Act 2004 (Visas) (Amendment) Order

This order came into operation on 26 September 2016. It amended art.3(d) of the Immigration Act 2004 (Visas) Order 2014 (S.I. No.473 of 2014) by extending until 31 October 2021 the exemption of certain UK visitors (as designated in schedule 3) from the requirement to have a visa to enter this State where the intended purpose of the travel to the State by the United Kingdom visitor concerned is solely for a visit of either 90 days or less, or the remaining period of validity of that person’s leave to enter the United Kingdom, or, as the case may be, leave to remain in the United Kingdom; whichever is shorter.

Date:26 Sep 2016
Legislation Type:Statutory Instrument (IE)
Geographic Focus:Ireland
References:Immigration Act 2004; Immigration Act 2004 (Visas) Order 2014
In Force:Yes
Keywords:Immigration, Third-Country National, Visa
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