Access of non-EU nationals to the Irish labour market 1996-2009

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This report looks at how non-EEA nationals have accessed the Irish labour market since 1996. It attempts to give a thorough description with regard to their entitlements in the context of the labour market and introduce the relevant labour market and social policy framework, legislation and case law.

It highlights what have been the main challenges for non-EU nationals in regard to accessing the labour market in general and accessing employment that reflect theirs skills, and for employers who have considered non-EU national applicants. Subsequently, the report gives a detailed introduction to the current institutional arrangements with regard to recognition of foreign qualifications in Ireland and admission policies before professional bodies. Lastly, it attempts to show how workplaces have responded in the recent years to the growing diversity in their workforce that includes many non-EU nationals.

Author(s):Péter Szlovák (The Integration Centre)
Publisher:The Integration Centre
Publication Date:01 Apr 2009
Reference Period:01 Jan 1996 to 01 Apr 2009
Geographic Focus:Ireland
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