Access to autonomous housing for beneficiaries of international protection in Ireland


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This report looks at the situation of people who have arrived in Ireland, applied for international protection, and received a positive decision on their application. These beneficiaries of international protection have the same rights to housing and welfare as Irish citizens, but often face significant challenges when they try to move out of government-provided accommodation into autonomous housing. These barriers have resulted in almost 6,000 beneficiaries of international protection who could in principle move on to autonomous housing continuing to reside in government-provided (IPAS) accommodation, representing 22% of the total number of residents.

This report presents the supports available to this group, as well as the findings of desk research, stakeholder interviews and consultations on challenges and good practices in relation to this group, highlighting implications for policy.

Author(s):Keire Murphy and Amy Stapleton
Publisher:The Economic and Social Research Institute
Publication Date:10 Jun 2024
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