Annual Monitoring Report on Integration 2010

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The Annual Monitoring Report on Integration (2010), brings together a range of indicators to develop a profile of how immigrants are integrating into various aspects of Irish society: employment, education, social inclusion and active citizenship. Following a framework proposed at the EU Ministerial Conference on Integration at Zaragoza in 2010, the key indicators aim to be comparable across EU Member States, based on existing national data, and focused on outcomes. Immigrant equality in the workplace is also explored as a special theme in this Report using the National Workplace Survey. Other indicators draw primarily on surveys conducted by the CSO.

Author(s):Frances McGinnity, Emma Quinn, Philip J O'Connell, Nora Donnelly (ESRI)
Publisher:Economic and Social Research Institute and The Integration Centre
Publication Date:04 May 2011
Reference Period:01 Jan 2010 to 31 Dec 2010
Geographic Focus:Ireland
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