Attracting and retaining international researchers: EMN Inform


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Third-country researchers from non-EU countries can provide important expertise to European universities and other research institutions, promoting knowledge circulation across the EU. The Students and Researchers Directive seeks to improve and harmonise legal standards for welcoming and retaining international students and researchers, as well as making the EU a more attractive destination for them. This Inform draws on the contributions of 22 Member States and aims to explores challenges and good practices adopted at EU and national level.

While most EU Member States prioritise attracting and retaining international researchers in their policies, the means to do so vary. Member States adopt promotional and informational activities to enhance their attractiveness for international researchers, including leaflets, info days, websites, media campaigns, or missions abroad. The Inform also reports bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements between EU Member States and third countries, aiming to provide funding for joint research projects or the creation of networks of academics.

Author(s):European Migration Network
Publisher:European Migration Network
Publication Date:25 Apr 2022
Geographic Focus:EU Member States
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