Changing Influx of Asylum Seekers 2014-2016: EMN Inform

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In 2014-2016 (Member) States experienced an unprecedented influx of incoming applicants for international protection: the number of applications lodged rose to 1,320,000 million in 2015 and 1,260,000 million in 2016, though the scale and peak moments differed greatly between (Member) States.

This Inform summaries the EMN study on Changing Influx of Asylum Seekers 2014-2016.

Key points to note:

  • The 2014-2016 influx of applicants for international protection and other migrants had a profound impact on the EU as a whole, but affected Member States in different ways, including: in the scale of the phenomenon, peak moments and characteristics of the influx.
  • Member States’ responded in different ways by taking different measures including border control and law enforcement, wider reception services, registration and asylum procedures and integration measures.
  • Some measures had collateral or knock-on effects on neighbouring countries as they diverted influxes to and through the EU.
  • All EU Member States and Norway strengthened cooperation among relevant stakeholders at national level and at bilateral, multilateral, regional and European levels, in the areas of border management, law enforcement, the fight against smuggling, reception capacity and asylum procedures.
  • Following the decrease in the number of arrivals, Member States responded by dismantling or scaling down some measures.
  • Member States also focussed on ensuring better future preparedness for similar mass influxes.

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Author(s):European Migration Network
Publisher:Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission
Publication Date:10 Sep 2018
Reference Period:01 Jan 2014 to 31 Dec 2016
Geographic Focus:Europe
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