Direct Division: Children’s views and experiences of living in direct provision


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Direct Provision was introduced in Ireland in 2000 to provide welfare for families and children awaiting decisions on asylum applications. It was intended to provide short term support for asylum seekers, providing them with accommodation, food and a minimum income. Twenty years on, the average length of stay in Direct Provision is just  under two years (23 months), with some families remaining in this system for many years while their asylum application is processed.

Direct Division is a report by the Ombudsman for Children’s Office highlighting the views and experiences of children living in Direct Provision accommodation of life in Ireland. The consultation was undertaken between June and November 2019 with 73 children aged between 12 and 17 years in nine Direct Provision centres around Ireland. The report explores the children’s lives in Direct Provision accommodation, as well as their experiences of inclusion and exclusion in school, the local community and wider Irish society.

Author(s):Ombudsman for Children's Office
Publisher:Ombudsman for Children's Office
Publication Date:07 Jul 2020
Geographic Focus:Ireland
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