Dublin: An Emerging Gateway?

Immigration today touches the lives and economies of more people and places than ever before. Yet the places that are disproportionately affected by immigrant flows are not countries but cities. This remarkable collection examines contemporary global immigration trends and their profound effect on specific host cities. The book focuses not only on cities with long-established diverse populations, such as New York, Toronto, and Sydney, but also on lesser known established gateway cities such as Birmingham (UK) and Amsterdam, and the emerging gateways of Johannesburg, Washington, D.C., Singapore, and Dublin. The essays gathered here provide a global portrait of accelerating, worldwide immigration driven by income differentials, social networks, and various state policies that recruit skilled and unskilled laborers. Gateway cities vary in form and function, but many are hyperdiverse, globally linked through transnational networks, and often increasingly segregated spaces. Offering penetrating analyses by leading scholars in the field, Migrants to the Metropolis redirects the global narrative surrounding migration away from states and borders and toward cities, where the vast majority of economic migrants settle. This article, published in Migrants to the Metropolis: The Rise of Immigrant Gateway Cities (edited by Marie Price and Lisa Benton-Short) focuses on the city of Dublin as an emerging immigrant gateway.

Author(s):Mary Gilmartin
Publisher:Syracuse University Press
Publication Date:01 Jan 2008
Geographic Focus:Europe, World
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