How do EMN Member States ensure systems for housing international protection applicants are ‘flexible’?


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The inflow of International Protection Applicants (IPAs) (also known as asylum seekers) can vary significantly and be subject to rapid, substantial changes. Ireland has seen a fluctuating pattern of applications since the early 2000s, and in 2022, saw the highest number of applications on record. This fluctuation, in addition to other factors, can lead to pressure on Ireland’s ability to provide housing for applicants and, at times, Ireland has not been able to provide accommodation to some applicants arriving to the State, including currently. To meet these changing demands for accommodation, countries need to be able to both quickly upscale capacity to provide
accommodation and to downscale in times when there is less demand.

This Migration Memo aims to present information that can support policy makers in understanding how other EMN Member Countries organise their reception systems in a flexible manner, whilst anticipating fluctuation in the future.

Author(s):Emily Cunniffe, Keire Murphy, Dervla Potter
Publisher:The Economic and Social Research Institute
Publication Date:03 May 2024
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