Handbook on Immigration and Asylum in Ireland (2007)

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This Handbook is intended as a reference tool for people working in the area of immigration and asylum in Ireland. The recent dramatic shift towards increased immigration in Ireland has resulted in the emergence of much new information in diverse fields, including statistics, policy and law.

The Handbook aims to draw together such information up to the end of 2007 (with 2008 updates where appropriate). An overview of available statistics on flows and stocks of immigrants is provided. This is followed by a discussion of the large number of new domestic policies, which have emerged as policymakers have responded to the unprecedented scale and pace of migration into Ireland. Information is provided on the domestic and European legislation introduced in response to the inflows.

Summaries of important decisions of the High Court and Supreme Court, summaries of significant case law from the European Court of Justice and summaries of decisions of the Refugee Appeals Tribunal in relation to refugee status determination are included. The details of organisations and researchers working in the field are listed along with a list of selected recent and current research publications, a Glossary of relevant terms and an Index of Case Law.

Author(s):Corona Joyce, Philip J. O'Connell, Emma Quinn, (ESRI) and John Stanley (Independent Consultant)
Publisher:Economic and Social Research Institute
Publication Date:28 Nov 2008
Geographic Focus:Ireland
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