Human Trafficking between Northern Ireland and Ireland


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This research was released by IOM UK together with IOM Ireland, looking at human trafficking around the island of Ireland, including from Northern Ireland to Ireland (north to south), with a main focus on movements from the south to the north.

The research was carried out between November 2022 and May 2023, using primarily qualitative methods, drawing on in-depth, open-ended interviews with 23 key stakeholders from 18 organisations working directly or indirectly on the issue of human trafficking in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Specifically, the study aims to answer four key research questions:
1. What evidence is there of human trafficking on the island of Ireland?

2. Who are the victims and how are they being moved or exploited?

3. How do the two jurisdictions, information sharing and policing affect responses to human trafficking?

4. How are victims of trafficking identified and supported?


Author(s):Andrew Chisholm, Patrick Burland, Jennifer Dew, Tegwyn Stephenson
Publisher:International Organization for Migration
Publication Date:19 Oct 2023
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