Impact of COVID-19 on international students in EU and OECD Member States: EMN and OECD Inform #2


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The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the substantial measures taken by EU and OECD countries to prevent the spread of the virus are having both direct and indirect impacts on international students coming to those countries. While the long-term consequences are difficult to predict, the immediate impacts are already visible, for example, where processing of new applications or renewal of residence permits has in many cases been hindered or suspended, with consequences for international students already present in the host country. In addition, the abrupt downturn in economic activity has had a significant impact across many sectors, with international students facing the loss of their part time jobs or reduced or lost incomes, which could have an impact on their ability to continue their studies or find a job or start a business following their graduation.

This joint EMN – OECD Inform reports on the impact of COVID-19 on international students in EU and OECD countries, between February and June 2020. It covers both the admission of new international students who are not yet residing in EU and OECD countries, as well as the situation of those already physically present.

This Inform is part of a series of Informs addressing topics that explore the impact of COVID-19 in the field of migration. Other topics include;

  • managing residence permits and migrant unemployment;
  • maintaining key legal migration flows in times of pandemic;
  • reduction or loss of remittances;
  • and impact on return procedures.
Author(s):European Migration Network, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
Publisher:Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission
Publication Date:17 Sep 2020
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