Invisible Pathways – how the Irish immigration system can contribute to people becoming undocumented

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The report examines the main processes of the immigration system that people may go through or may be required to go through. It does not consider the asylum system. Specifically, the report draws attention to issues with the system that can contribute to people becoming undocumented. Such issues may only contribute in a small way to someone becoming undocumented or they may be the main causes. They are often unintended by the system but also at times clearly intended. The report is premised on the belief that the immigration system should in no way contribute to someone becoming “preventably undocumented” be it for one day or 10 years.

Author(s):Crosscare Migrant Project
Publisher:Crosscare Migrant Project
Publication Date:01 Feb 2009
Geographic Focus:Ireland
ISBN:978 1 906485 10 8
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