Migrant Access to Social Security and Healthcare: Policies and Practice: EMN Synthesis Report

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The overall objective of the study is to map the policies and administrative practices that shape third-country nationals’ access to social security, including healthcare. 

The study aims to outline the formal EU and national rules that shape entitlements to social security and healthcare for third-country nationals in EU Member States and examines how these entitlements compare to the entitlements of Member State nationals.

The study also investigates the administrative practices that determine how the formal rules on eligibility for third-country nationals are applied in specific cases, especially when implementing the ‘habitual residence test’ and other eligibility rules that contain a discretionary element.

The study reviews the reciprocal agreements that exist between EU Member States and third countries that affect the entitlement to social security and healthcare of certain groups of migrants. 

The study does not focus on the take-up by migrants of the various social security payments available, although this issue forms an important political backdrop to the study.

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Author(s):European Migration Network
Publisher:Directorate General Home Affairs, European Commission
Publication Date:03 Jul 2014
Geographic Focus:Europe
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