Person or Number?

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The report examines the barriers experienced by immigrant residents of Ireland when they apply for social protection.It is based on a sample of the experiences of 54 immigrant applicants accessing social protection, which were provided by six NGOs nationwide.  

Person or Number? has two key aims, firstly to offer stakeholders an opportunity to pause and see some of the issues vulnerable immigrants face when trying to access social protection. Secondly, it aims to offer some practical suggestions that we believe would contribute to making a better system of social protection. This report is not a thorough analysis of all of the issues faced by immigrants in accessing social protection in Ireland, nor is it a thorough analysis of the Irish social protection system. Person or Number? is a ‘snapshot’ of some of the clearly identifiable issues at this point in time. These are issues that immigrants are bringing to NGOs across Ireland when they are in poverty or at risk of poverty and are having difficulties accessing basic financial support from the State.

Author(s):Nasc, Crosscare Migrant Project and Doras Luimní
Publisher:Nasc, Crosscare Migrant Project and Doras Luimní
Publication Date:21 Feb 2012
Geographic Focus:Ireland
ISBN:978 1 906485 16 0
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