Powerless: Experiences of direct provision during the Covid-19 pandemic


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This report details the findings of a survey of people’s experiences of Direct Provision during the Covid-19 pandemic. It aims to provide a picture of what it is like to live in the Direct Provision system at this time. It is based on a survey completed by approximately 418 people (5.4% of the population of Direct Provision) living in 63 different Direct Provision and emergency centres. It includes quantitative and qualitative data, copies of key correspondence, a chronology of events and recommendations. It is an unparalleled insight into life in this system during these extraordinary times. The survey found that:

  • 55% felt of respondents unsafe during the pandemic
  • 50% were unable to socially distance themselves from other residents during the pandemic
  • 42% shared a bedroom with a non-family member
  • 46% shared a bathroom with a non-family member
  • 19% of people who were working had lost employment due to the Coronavirus crisis
  • 85% of respondents stated that the daily expenses allowance of €38.80 was not enough to live on
  • 85% of respondents stated they felt that they had received enough information about Covid-19
  • 78% have had access to sanitizer
Author(s): Vikki Walshe, Nick Henderson
Publisher:Irish Refugee Council
Publication Date:10 Aug 2020
Geographic Focus:Ireland
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